Integrated Digital Transformation

We provide integrated digital transformation services that are tailored to your needs. We provide guidance for organizations through the integration of digital technologies, ensuring compliance, building in redundancy, security, and mission success. We help organizations optimize client experiences and embrace agile models.


IT Modernization

We support the evolution and modernization of organizations' technological infrastructure, systems, and practices to align with industry best practices and emerging technologies. Our capabilities include migrating legacy systems, adopting cloud-based solutions, integrating modern architectures, and optimizing IT operations.

Solution Architecture and Engineering

Our team designs detailed architecture and implementation plans, including technology suites, and validates feasibility through prototypes. We offer implementation support to ensure scalability, flexibility, and robust security measures. Providing Systems Engineering support, we assist in the development of complex technical solutions for Veterans, citizens, and government employees, adhering to strict design guidelines, compliance, and security requirements.

Human Centered Design

We develop solutions, products, and services focused on understanding and addressing the needs, behaviors, and preferences of end-users. Our Human Centered Design (HCD) approach emphasizes empathy, iterative prototyping, and user feedback, ensuring intuitive, user-friendly experiences. Our experts bring a comprehensive perspective to HCD, UX, and CX practices with expertise in industry standards such as rapid prototyping, journey mapping, persona development, and mind mapping.

Cloud Ops and Migrations

Our Cloud Ops and Migration team optimizes cloud infrastructure and services, specializing in efficient operation and maintenance. We focus on reliability, scalability, and security, with expertise in seamless on-prem to cloud migration. From planning to execution, we aim to minimize disruptions and maximize the benefits of cloud technologies, such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced accessibility.


Our Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps) team integrates security practices with automation within the DevOps process to streamline security processes, enforce policies, and detect vulnerabilities in the deployment pipelines. Promoting efficient development cycles fosters innovation and responsiveness to customer needs. DevSecOps integration with automation throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) enables organizations to build and deploy secure software faster and more efficiently.


How we innovate digital capabilities

Our cross-functional teams collaborate seamlessly to integrate cutting-edge technology and methodologies to approach solutions from multiple angles, allowing for comprehensive solution deployments that follow industry standards and are tailored to your organization's needs.

How we derive value from your digital technologies

We build innovative digital solutions focused on current needs while paving the way for future growth. Our solutions are designed with usability at the forefront, ensuring seamless interactions for end-users while optimizing performance and reliability and maintaining security to safeguard your operations, ultimately unlocking new possibilities for your organization.  

How we deliver digital transformations

We create overarching structures, frameworks, and blueprints that outline how different components or technologies will work together to achieve desired outcomes. From strategic engineering blueprints through tactical development of features, solutions, and integrations, we fully map architecture, providing coherence and interoperability across domains.

How we measure digital capabilities results

We leverage HCD, UX, and CX practices to determine operational effectiveness and efficiency through testing, assessing, and aligning. We then provide these results through traditional reports, interactive dashboards, and visualizations.